Alvington’s food safety nets 5-star rating

Diners at Alvington House can rest assured that standards of food hygiene are of the very highest order after we received a 5-star rating from the Government’s Food Standards Agency.

All commercial premises that serve, sell or store food are regularly checked by local council inspectors to ensure they meet stringent hygiene standards. The inspections include how food is prepared, stored, handled and the cleanliness of kitchens and storage areas.

A 5-star rating is the highest possible award so well done to Deputy Manager, Amanda Van Holland and Head Chef, Sarah Elizabeth Tyman, who are responsible for Alvington’s catering service.

Amanda says: “The health and welfare of our residents is of paramount importance and we take our responsibilities extremely seriously when it comes to food and drink. We always try to offer a good choice of nutritious and tasty food but it is essential that this is prepared in a safe manner and in a spotlessly clean environment. Sarah and I are delighted that we have met the exacting standards required and we will do our utmost to maintain them.”